interior designer — interior designer , Constructing a home goes beyond erecting a building; it involves thoughtful planning for the arrangement of each space within. This arrangement significantly determines the comfort and livability of the home.

Especially for your dream home, meticulous spatial planning or interior design is crucial to create a dwelling that aligns with your aspirations. However, designing the interior of a home is not a simple task. If not done correctly, the arrangement of spaces may inadvertently disrupt your dream of an ideal home.

Therefore, a well-thought-out interior design from the beginning is essential in the construction of a home. It’s not a bad idea to consider using interior design services to achieve the desired style for your dream home.

The suitable interior design can create an atmosphere in the room that aligns with your dreams. Conversely, an incorrect style in spatial arrangement can make your home feel less comfortable. Here are various facts you should know about interior design for your residence.


The term “interior design” is quite common, but you might still be unsure about its underlying concept. You might think it’s simply arranging spaces to place chairs, tables, and other necessary furniture in the house.

In reality, the main concept of interior design is arranging spaces, including determining the style or model to be presented in that space. However, interior design is not as simple as just arranging the placement of furniture.

The spatial arrangement in interior design is not arbitrary. Various detailed considerations are brought into play, starting from the style or design chosen, the materials for furniture, what supports each furniture, how they are positioned, and even the distance between each piece of furniture.


Various considerations in interior design are not done randomly. Every provider of home design services holds principles in their work. The main principle is to create a space with a balanced composition and proportion.

Moreover, another principle of interior design is to create a harmonious and unified home space. Each room in your home becomes an integral part that is difficult to separate. The connection between one room and another is maintained through a shared theme.

In more detail, there are seven main principles in interior design. In addition to balanced composition and proportion, harmonizing each room in the home, interior design also adheres to the principles of rhythm, focal point, color, and detail. These four additional principles serve as ways to create a balanced composition in a home.


The various principles embraced in interior design ultimately aim to create functional spaces with high aesthetic value. Thus, residents or guests who come to the home can feel comfortable and at ease.

For example, have you ever visited a spacious home that felt cramped? It may be because the owner did not apply interior design principles when arranging the spaces in the house.

Conversely, even a small-sized home can feel spacious and pleasant to live in if its arrangement follows interior design principles. The trick to creating a spacious impression can be achieved through a balanced composition in the arrangement of spaces within the home.

VARIOUS MODELS OF Interior Designer

A balanced composition in a well-designed room can arise from the trick of applying a consistent theme for each room. Various themes of interior design also determine what furniture is needed, what complementary decorations are used, and even what colors are used for walls and furniture in the room.

interior designer styles are continuously evolving. However, for now, several interior design models are popular. You may consider these models for designing your dream home.


This style emphasizes a simple concept in spatial arrangement. Functional furniture selection is the main agenda in creating a minimalist-themed dwelling. The simple impression is achieved by choosing neutral colors for walls and furniture in the room. Common colors used in this interior design model are white, gray, and cream.


Almost similar to the minimalist style, the Scandinavian style also emphasizes simplicity in spatial arrangement. Typically, each Scandinavian-themed room does not have much furniture used purely for decoration. Neutral colors are also the choice for this design. However, Scandinavian design incorporates a natural touch through the use of wood elements in the room.

Modern Contemporary

Modern contemporary design principles embrace an open space concept. Therefore, ornaments that act as partitions are generally not used in this style of interior design. Distances between rooms are not separated by walls but rather by functional furniture. This design style is currently trending for urban dwellings.


Vintage interior design brings back the atmosphere of the past to the home. Various antique decorations become supporting ornaments for a vintage-themed home. This design usually uses various natural colors such as brown, gray, and moss green.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic style is similar to vintage but leans toward pastel colors with a feminine touch. Decorations with floral elements complement the shabby chic theme.

Pop Art

This interior design style usually employs bright and striking colors in wall paint and furniture selection. Examples include red, blue, yellow, and green. Not only that, but decorations with cartoon characters are also characteristic of this style.


A lively atmosphere characterizes the bohemian style. The trick to creating a lively impression in the bohemian model is to use bold colors in each piece of furniture and on the walls. Not only that, ethnic and fringe impressions often appear in bohemian interior design.


Industrial design embraces the concept of unfinished or unfinished. The impression of unfinished is achieved by combining furniture made of wood and metal without final painting.


Wooden elements are the essence of rustic interior design. This is because the atmosphere to be presented in this design is the rural atmosphere that is synonymous with nature. The use of brown color often dominates the rustic model.

Interior Designer SERVICES

Arranging a space to become a unified theme with proportional and harmonious compositions is not an easy task. Calling on interior design services is the best choice if you are truly serious about creating a well-designed atmosphere in your home.

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