alat musik khas keroncong yang berbentuk gitar dinamakan

Welcome to! In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of the unique musical instrument known as Kroncong, which takes the form of a guitar. With my firsthand experience in this field, I am excited to share valuable insights and information about this instrument with you. To enhance your understanding, we have included an eye-catching featured image, which can be viewed



Kroncong music has distinctive characteristics that set it apart from other genres. The instrument, resembling a guitar, is commonly used in Kroncong ensembles. Its melodious sound, combined with Portuguese influences, creates a unique musical experience filled with sentiment and emotion.


The history of Kroncong music dates back to the 16th century, where it first emerged with Portuguese influences. Over time, Kroncong has evolved and transformed through different periods, each bringing its own set of changes and developments.

Early Long Evolution (1552–1880)

This period marked the early stages of Kroncong’s development, where it started to take shape as a distinct genre. It incorporated local Indonesian music traditions with Portuguese musical elements.

The Last Short Evolution (1880–now)

Tempo Doeloe (1880–1920)

During this era, Kroncong music gained popularity among the Indonesian people. It was performed at various social events and entertained audiences with its heartfelt melodies and poetic lyrics.

Kroncong Eternity (1920–1960)

As the popularity of Kroncong continued to grow, it went through a period of further development. The inclusion of additional instruments and diverse musical styles contributed to the evolution of Kroncong as a versatile genre.

The Era of Modern Kroncong (1960–2000)

This period witnessed further experimentation and innovation within the Kroncong genre. Modern elements, such as pop and dangdut influences, were infused into the traditional style to create a fusion of sounds that appealed to a broader audience.

Millennium Kroncong (2000–present)

In recent years, Kroncong music has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing musical landscape. It remains an integral part of Indonesian culture, beloved by both young and old.


Typically, a Kroncong ensemble consists of various instruments including vocals, ukulele, cello, guitar, bass, flute, and violin. This diverse combination of instruments adds depth and richness to the overall sound, creating a distinct Kroncong musical experience.


1. Apa itu Kroncong?

Kroncong adalah genre musik Indonesia yang memiliki asal-usul Portugis.

2. Apa yang membedakan Kroncong dari genre musik lainnya?

Kroncong memiliki karakteristik khas dan pengaruh musik Portugis yang menciptakan pengalaman musik yang unik.

3. Kapan Kroncong pertama kali muncul?

Kroncong pertama kali muncul pada abad ke-16 dengan pengaruh Portugis.

4. Bagaimana perkembangan Kroncong dari masa ke masa?

Kroncong mengalami perkembangan dan transformasi melalui periode waktu yang berbeda, masing-masing membawa perubahan dan perkembangan sendiri.

5. Apa saja instrumen yang digunakan dalam ensemble Kroncong?

Instrumen yang umumnya digunakan dalam ensemble Kroncong meliputi vokal, ukulele, cello, gitar, bass, seruling, dan biola.

6. Apa saja subgenre dan genre fusi yang terkait dengan Kroncong?

Kroncong memiliki beberapa subgenre dan genre fusi yang terkait, seperti pop dan dangdut.

7. Bagaimana pengaruh Kroncong pada budaya Indonesia?

Kroncong merupakan bagian integral dari budaya Indonesia dan dicintai oleh berbagai kalangan.

8. Apa perkembangan terbaru dalam musik Kroncong?

Musik Kroncong terus berkembang dan beradaptasi dengan lanskap musik yang terus berubah.

9. Siapa saja musisi Kroncong terkenal?

Ada beberapa musisi Kroncong terkenal seperti Waldjinah, Benyamin Sueb, dan Gesang Martohartono.

10. Apa pesan kesimpulan yang ingin Anda sampaikan kepada pembaca?

Selamat menikmati perjalanan Anda menjelajahi dunia musik Kroncong yang indah dan semoga artikel ini membantu Anda memahami lebih banyak tentang alat musik khas Kroncong yang berbentuk gitar dinamakan.


As we conclude this article, we invite you to explore further and indulge in the beauty of Kroncong music. Its rich history, unique characteristics, and diverse instrumentation make it a truly captivating genre. Whether you are a music enthusiast or a curious learner, Kroncong has something to offer for everyone.

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