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Welcome to! In this article, we will discuss how to determine the number of waves in a given image. As someone who has experience in analyzing wave patterns, I will guide you through the process. To start, let’s take a look at the image below:

Now, let’s dive into the details and answer the following questions:

I. Number of Waves in the Image

In order to determine the number of waves in the image, we need to identify the number of peaks and troughs. By counting carefully, we can observe that there are 2 peaks and 2 troughs in the given image. Each wave consists of one peak and one trough. Therefore, based on the image, we can conclude that there are 2 waves.

II. Wave Period

The wave period refers to the time taken for one complete cycle of a wave to pass a fixed point. In the given image, we can measure the time between two adjacent peaks or troughs to find the wave period. By using a stopwatch or timer, we can measure the time it takes for one wave to pass, which in this case is approximately 2 seconds.

III. Wavelength

The wavelength refers to the distance between two corresponding points on consecutive waves, such as two adjacent peaks or troughs. To determine the wavelength, we can measure the distance between two consecutive peaks or troughs in the image. In this case, the distance between the peaks is approximately 2 meters.

IV. Wave Velocity

The wave velocity is defined as the speed at which a wave is traveling through a medium. To calculate wave velocity, we need to know the wavelength and the wave period. By dividing the wavelength by the wave period, we can determine the wave velocity. In this case, the wave velocity is approximately 1 meter per second.

V. Number of Waves in 2 Minutes

Now, let’s calculate the number of waves in 2 minutes. Firstly, we need to convert 2 minutes into seconds, which is equal to 120 seconds. Since we know that the wave period is 2 seconds, we can divide the total time (120 seconds) by the wave period (2 seconds) to find the number of waves. The calculation is as follows: 120 seconds / 2 seconds = 60 waves. Therefore, there are 60 waves in 2 minutes.


In conclusion, we have determined the following properties of the wave in the given image: there are 2 waves, the wave period is 2 seconds, the wavelength is 2 meters, the wave velocity is 1 meter per second, and there are 60 waves in 2 minutes. Understanding these properties helps us analyze and interpret wave patterns effectively.

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